New Construction

Besides obtaining reductions in assessments and real estate taxes, we also provide additional real estate tax services.

Consultation on Buying & Selling
For real estate purchases or developments, Cronin, Harris & Associates provides tax estimates and assistance with obtaining any exemptions you may be eligible for. We conduct a full analysis of the property based on the purchase price, then determine if the property is entitled to a real estate tax deduction. For property sales, we ensure that you receive a refund for any tax overpayments that occurred while you owned the property.

New Construction/Development
Cronin, Harris & Associates provides projected assessments and real estate tax estimates based on the cost of new construction and/or renovation. We also provide assistance in securing property tax exemptions based on these improvements.

Industrial Development Agency
Cronin, Harris & Associates represents numerous IDA properties and has extensive knowledge regarding tax credits and PILOT agreements. We systematically review and monitor these properties to ensure that they receive the tax credits that they are entitled to within the terms of their PILOT agreement.

Environmental Issues
Cronin, Harris & Associates has successfully reduced the assessments of various properties affected by environmental contamination. When the cost to remediate contaminated properties is subtracted from their fair market value, the properties are often found to be grossly over-assessed. Our efforts to analyze all facets of contamination have had great success in securing reductions on contaminated properties.

Cronin, Harris & Associates will represent you in all aspects of the condemnation process, from obtaining the initial offer from the condemnor to evaluating the merits of proceeding.  We will perform an extensive analysis of your case and, if appropriate, pursue a condemnation action to ensure that you receive just compensation.

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