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TRO Against Nassau County’s ASIE Penalties will Continue

Yesterday, Nassau County Supreme Court Justice Thomas Adams signed our Temporary Restraining Order preventing the County from enforcing “monetary penalties and tax liens in any manner whatsoever” pursuant to Nassau County’s ASIE law. This is the 3rd TRO that we have successfully obtained against the County in our pursuit for justice on the County’s egregious ASIE penalties. […]

Understanding DAF and your increased Nassau County taxes

Nassau County has implemented the Disputed Assessment Fund (“DAF”) as evidenced in your 2016/17 School tax bill and the 2017 General Tax bill.  The 2016/17 School tax bills show that between 10%-20% of the total school taxes were subtracted from the bill for the “Disputed Assessment Fund School.” In essence, your 2016/17 School tax bills were […]

Temporary restraining order against Nassau continued

Nassau lawmakers learned Monday that a state court judge has continued a temporary restraining order that bars the county from collecting fines — possibly for years — based on a 2013 law requiring commercial properties to pay hefty penalties if they do not provide timely information to the county assessor about their income and expenses. […]