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The Disputed Assessment Fund : A new challenge for commercial property owners in Nassau County – by Bernie Kennedy

Nassau County is a special place for commercial property owners, with tax rates as high as $9 per s/f.  Now it turns out to be a very special place, with its own legislation created to deal with the current multi-million dollar backlog and multi-year delays in the payment of commercial real estate tax refunds.  Read the full article here.

TRO Against Nassau County’s ASIE Penalties will Continue

Yesterday, Nassau County Supreme Court Justice Thomas Adams signed our Temporary Restraining Order preventing the County from enforcing “monetary penalties and tax liens in any manner whatsoever” pursuant to Nassau County’s ASIE law. This is the 3rd TRO that we have successfully obtained against the County in our pursuit for justice on the County’s egregious ASIE penalties.

We are back in Court on February 8, 2016 for oral argument on the constitutionality on the implementation and enforcement of the ASIE.